January 30, 2006

NAFP = North Andean Field Partnership!

People from all walks of life comprise the North Andean Field Partnership. Our partners pray for and support the Nazarene ministries throughout Ecuador, Colombia and Venezuela.

What is a Partnership?

Partnerships exist to advance the work of the Church of the Nazarene in world areas, only and all for the glory of God. Partners exist as servant leaders, helping regional and/or field missionaries as living resources to offer means, time, talents, thoughts and prayers.

Recognizing their covenant with the church, partners do not divert giving from the local church, district, or general church. Instead, by the grace of God, partners give in addition to the customary commitments basic to the life of the Church of the Nazarene.

Partnerships gather together men and women whose hearts are open to what God is doing through missions on a particular field. Some partners support the work financially. Some help with communication through newsletters or web sites. Some put together Work & Witness teams or serve as volunteers to meet a variety of needs. Others may choose to help with compassionate or social needs on the mission field. But all partners support the work of the Lord through prayer. The opportunities for service have no limit but the imagination of God and each partner’s response to His call.

How Do Partnerships Work?

Working with the field director, a partnership sets goals. Goals are broken down into tasks that partners work to complete. The partnership decides when to meet and what is required of its partners. Stewardship Development Ministries (a division of the International Church of the Nazarene) administers a partnership's funds.

Who Can Be a Partner?

Partnerships are open to anyone interested in participating. For more information, use the "Email Us" link on the right side of this web page to contact us.